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Neo is a content management system that delivers digital first advantages to your publishing enterprise.  Mobile, tablet, online and traditional print requirements are dynamically satisfied using one, flexible system to serve the evolving needs of your organization.   Articles, images and videos are planned, assigned, managed and deployed to multiple channels using Neo’s role-specific  dashboards.  Archiving,  internal messaging, remote capabilities and media-neutral text editors drive the operation of news agencies, community publications, books, newspapers and magazines throughout a worldwide customer base.  Writers, Editors, IT personnel and ownership all realize strategic benefits from Anygraaf’s model for content management and device-neutral delivery.


Planner provides a centralized platform for edition management, automatic or manual ad layout and real-time production status tracking. Planner integrates with Adobe® InDesign® and QuarkXPress® for content placement and handling of ad reservations and material. Interfaces with Anygraaf’s AProfit ad booking system as well as external solutions including Atex Enterprise and Unisys Advertising Manager offer real-time synchronization of ad insertions.

An ad management suite providing order entry, production management, invoicing, reporting, payment control, and customer and sales staff management.


An SGML/XML-based text editor, Eddie provides a format-neutral environment for preparing text once for both print and electronic publications. Exact H&J, based on article geometry provides for accurate text fit through a WYSIWYG presentation of the article.

Job Planner

Doris Job Planner is a staff management and photo, story and events scheduling and budgeting system. Users can enter events, story assignments and photo requests, associate them to specific staff members and track their progress through your production process.


ImageEd is the easy-to-use color correction tool for busy publishing professionals. Adjust images quickly and easily via a simple-to-use interface, or have ImageEd make the corrections automatically.


Composer provides a server-based solution for page pairing and imposition based on postscript or PDF format.


Proofer offers a browser-based ad and page proofing and output control system. Proofer provides users with full-color thumbnails for “birds-eye” production flow control as well as more detailed CMYK JPEG images of the page that can be reviewed for accurate color control.


Doris EPaper provides quick and easy creation of an exact replica of your print edition on the Internet. Anygraaf's EPaper tools take the pages produced and publish a the full version of the paper online in minutes via the Doris EPaper extension. The Doris EPaper version is easy to navigate by page or section and is fully searchable.


Table Editor

Design and manage data for tables in print and on the Web.



An Internet-based asset sales and invoicing system.


Work Shift

A browser-based utility to manage staff scheduling.


Senders and utilities

Automatically transmit documents to predefined recipients via FTP, Email or ISDN senders; track disk space and usage with Checker; monitor directories with Monica


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