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Folkbladet Selects Neo

First Neo installation in Sweden

SOLLENTUNA, SWEDEN — November 29, 2011 — Folkbladet, a newspaper in the NTM group located in Norrköping, has selected Anygraaf's Neo editorial system. It will be the first complete Neo installation in Sweden.


The Neo publishing system is a framework for the control and management of the editorial enterprise. One user can have several roles (i.e. editor, editorial assistant, etc.) as well as a desktop environment associated with each role. Content for all channels can be produced within the same editor, allowing users to easily combine material into packages for distribution to multiple platforms.

Content planning can begin long before writing and photography begin as all pertinent information can be entered into Neo, thus providing ample background information for the author. Editorial staff can easily view and control how each issue is progressing, thereby keeping the publication on time and within budget. Resource allocation and scheduling are included in the basic Neo package. Long-term planning as well as project assignment are handled within Neo, adding another level of information available within the system for each project.

Folkbladet is part of the NTM group and all of the group's newspapers will be implementing Neo. The NTM Group publications have been using various editorial solutions, including Anygraaf's Doris, but now all the newspapers will utilize the same system.

The installation at NTM Group will also include the Neo web interface WebNeo, ePaper, Google maps for geo-positioning and Adobe® InDesign® Server. Layouts will be created using Anygraaf plug-ins for InDesign® CS 5.5.

Upon completion of the installation, NTM Group will have several hundred Neo users in its editorial offices around Sweden.

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About NTM Group
NTM is a Swedish media group that owns a total annual turnover reached number of newspapers, free circulars, web magazines, radio stations and since 2006, television stations. In 2010 its 176 M€ and it had 1200 employees. Folkbladet is wholly owned by the NTM group.

About Anygraaf
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